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Our Services

CAS AMERICAN VETERANS FOUNDATION  will always expand its work within our focus areas. We are currently working to take CAS AMERICAN VETERANS FOUNDATON  from a part-time endeavor, staffed with volunteers, to a full-time, fully-operational Veterans Service Organization.


We are also continuously researching the needs for service members as well as participating in veteran collaborative survey groups in order to launch programs directly assisting and benefitting our members.  


Beyond this, we will continue to share and celebrate the legacy of our service members.   We will keep our members, supporters and donors informed of expansion plans through the use of social media, i.e., our website, Facebook, and an electronic quarterly newsletter.



  • Benefit Checklist for all branch of services and the different levels of government.

  • Lobby local, state, and federal officials and agencies.

  • Provide a Military Ministry.

  • Provide a consolidated digital Vet Yellow Pages Service.

  • Provide an Incarcerated Veterans Transition Program.

  • Mobile Units for Shut-In Veterans.

  • Grants to provide Stability Home Programs.

  • Educational Scholarships to Veterans' Families.

  • Entrepreneurship and Financial Planning Workshops with Start-Up Grants.

  • Job Fairs, Employment Seminars with Job Placement.

  • Military Thrift Shops.

  • Military Food Banks

  • Military Networking/Resources Mixers.

It's a changing world and our veterans are in a constant state of flux.  As a result, CAS AMERICAN VETERANS FOUNDATION stays as flexible as possible in bringing hope to heroes through our programs.


Our Future
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